Radar and Laser Certification and Repair

UCA offers radar and laser repair as well as certification services to law enforcement agencies throughout the state. Our technicians have been factory trained, and utilize an advanced digital signaling process for all testing, repair and certification of Public Safety radar and laser equipment. UCA technicians also repair speed trailer and radar warning signs for agencies throughout the state.

All of the test and measurement equipment used for the repair and certification of police laser and radar is certified for accuracy on an annual basis. These records are kept on file and are traceable through the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

UCA now offers factory scope alignment on LTI traffic lasers.

With some recent factory training, and the acquisition of a new text fixture designed and built by the manufacturer, UCA is now set up to perform factory scope alignments on LTI traffic lasers at the Salt Lake repair facility. The LTI model numbers include all versions of the UltraLyte series, TruSpeed and TruCam. UCA now has the equipment and training required to perform video to scope alignments on the TruCam video traffic laser as well.

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