What Radios Can I Buy?/will my radios work on p25?

What Radios Can I Buy?

Today: The Utah Communications Authority (“UCA”) currently uses a Motorola SmartZone proprietary system. The only three radio manufactures that are capable of operating on our current radio system are Motorola, Kenwood, and EF Johnson. Please consult with a representative from the respective manufacturer to determine what model is appropriate for your agency to purchase. Local government agencies may be able to purchase radios using the NASPO ValuePoint or the following state contracts:

Motorola: Contract # AR1099 with expiration 6/30/2021

JVC Kenwood: Contract # AR2099 with expiration 6/30/21

EF Johnson: Contract # AR2276 with expiration 6/30/21

Future P25 System: The Utah Communications Authority is anticipating that we can begin migrating users to the new P25 radio system in early 2023. When the new system becomes operational, there is the potential for numerous radio manufacturers to produce radios that are capable of operating on the P25 radio system. Manufacturers could include BK Technologies, Codan Radio Communications, EF Johnson, Icom America, JVC Kenwood, L3Harris, Motorola, Tait, and others. The Utah Communications Authority is developing an approved radio list to authorize and approve specific radio manufactures and models to operate on the new P25 radio system. The approved radio list will be initiated to include all P25 compliant radios that are operational on our Motorola legacy radio system during the migration period. Additional radio manufacturers and radio models will qualify to be on the approved radio list after meeting the following requirements.

The radio must be P25 Compliance Assessment Program (CAP) certified with the Harris MSTR V 800 Trunked Radio for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 and the summary test report must be posted on the Department of Homeland Security website.

The CAP testing facility(ies) must have a Scope of Recognition that meets all of the P25 CAP test requirements.

The radio must be tested on the Utah Communications Authority system after having radio personalities and fleet maps developed by UCA personnel.

UCA has negotiated discounted purchasing vehicles with both Motorola and L3Harris and the contracts with JVC Kenwood and EF Johnson also offer discounts off of retail pricing. End users will be able to purchase radios from L3Harris at discounts ranging from 40%-65% off catalog pricing (based on quantity purchased) for the duration of the contract between L3Harris and UCA.  Substantial discounts are currently offered by Motorola until the expiration of its contract on June 30, 2021.  Contract pricing is also offered by JVC Kenwood and EF Johnson through the expiration of their contracts as well. All manufacturers offer a range of features and options which can alter the price of a single radio.  Sample pricing for common radios are provided by the manufacturers below.

Motorola Sample Pricing


If you have a Motorola XTS, XTL, or APX radio or an EF Johnson/Kenwood radio, it has the potential of working on the P25 system.  Whether it will or will not work is a question of the specific flash code (software iteration) loaded into the radio.  It is not always easy to tell the version of your flash code and, as such, we encourage you to work with Motorola or EF Johnson/Kenwood to determine if you need to upgrade your radio's flash code.  Motorola has agreed to discounted pricing on new flash codes to assist in this transition.

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Don’t worry, these are not simple questions; that’s why we’re here.  For any and all specific questions about your radios, please feel free to contact Dan Dialogue, UCA’s Radio Programming Manager (ddialogue@uca911.org or 801-828-6118), or Harold Clements, UCA’s P25 Division Director (hclements@uca911.org or 801-840-4208).  We are more than happy to give customized assistance.”