As a critical support function for all public safety disciplines to be able to communicate, the programming teams’ daily mission is operability. The Utah Communications Authority mixed technology VHF and 800MHZ Motorola Smartnet/Smartzone trunked radio systems provide the 84,899 sq miles of vast landscape reliable interoperable mission critical communications.

The programming of each disciplines subscriber equipment is critical to be accurate for agencies means of seamlessly critical communications.

 Subscriber Programming is broken down into three levels statewide:

  1. The first level is the day to day needs of normal operations of the user within the community served.
  2. The second level is regional interoperability, territorially defined with VHF and regional interoperability paths to communicate.
  3. The third level allows for wide area statewide interoperability talk paths to support local, regional, and statewide resources to communicate during critical events.

The Utah Communications Authority Programming team’s mission is to accurately maintain the trunked radio system talkgroups, access, fleetmap, radio I.D.’s, program subscribers in a prompt timeframe while monitoring the daily health of the trunked radio system. All of this is conducted with pride by the committed Utah Communications authority Programming team.

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