The Utah Communications Authority, through its Interoperability Division, works to enhance and promote interoperable, emergency communications at the, State, Local, Federal and Tribal and levels.

Communications interoperability as defined by SAFECOM is: “The ability of public safety agencies to talk across disciplines and jurisdictions via radio communications systems, exchanging voice and/or data with one another on demand, in real time, when needed, and as authorized”

We firmly believe that collaboration is the key to successful interoperable communications. Interagency collaboration is as important to achieving interoperability as is the infrastructure and technology that is being used to communicate.

The Interoperability Division staff are ready and willing to help agencies in within Utah, and its bordering states, come together and work through their interoperability challenges or concerns. Please feel free to contact the Interoperability Division with any requests for assistance with communications interoperability or radio programming needs.

Utah Interoperability Division