Who We Are- Radio Programming

Radio Division Manager

Garrett Millward


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Garrett has worked with two-way radio systems and communications equipment for the past 14 years. In these roles, his primary responsibilities have been installing and maintaining two-way radio systems and subscribers. He has helped stage and install several MotoTrbo multi-site repeater systems for customers in a variety of fields from hospitality to mining, both traditional and underground leaky feeder systems. These sites often included microwave hops between sites which he configured and aligned, as well as solar array installation for sites too remote for hardwired power. Garrett looks forward to serving our customers as a Radio Author for Utah Communications Authority.




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I have worked at a Motorola Service shop for the past 30 years in Montana and Utah. I have been involved in every aspect of two-way radio during my tenure with Motorola. I have specialized in installation, optimization, configuration, and maintenance. My expertise also includes trunked systems, and standalone repeater systems. I have a broad spectrum of hands-on knowledge including public safety, major construction companies, school districts, and small businesses. I love working in radio and find enjoyment in this field. It has been a delight to join the UCA team, and I look forward to my continuing service to the community in the field of radio.




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Jared has 19 years’ experience in electronics with 11+ of those years running an RMA department and repairing customized computer systems for long-haul fleet management solutions. As Radio Programmer for UCA, Jared is steadfast in meeting with radio users, listening to their goals, and assisting with solutions to fit their current/future programming needs. He looks for opportunities to improve support for users through daily learning, self-evaluation, and process analysis.

Outside of work, he likes to spend time with friends and family hiking in the Wasatch Mountains, going to local and regional airshows, exploring National Park sites, and binge-watching movies with his kids and their favorite snacks on the sofa.