Who We Are- Radio Division

Radio Division Director

The Radio NETWORK Division Director


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Brad Morris has been a part of Utah Communications Authority since 2005 where he began his career as a two-month temporary in the install bay. He started building public safety vehicles for many Utah State agencies, this position allowed him to form relationships with many of Utah’s finest law enforcement officials. Brad moved to certifying radars on the repair bench and eventually progressed into a critical role as UCA’s Lead Field Technician; many of you may know him from this capacity as he worked in various dispatch centers servicing radio and console issues throughout the State. He has also served consecutively as UCA’s Projects Manager and Warehouse Manager before taking on the challenging role of the Radio Division Director. Brad is committed to build and expand UCA’s relationships with all those he interacts with. He never takes life too seriously (unless he has to) and is…always willing to share his wit with a good joke.


Radio Division Manager



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Michael graduated from Salt Lake Community College with a degree in electronics. He spent 4 years working on repairing home audio/video equipment before he started with the state. Working for the state, Michael spent a couple of years in vehicle install bay and a year on the bench repairing radios. After that he was a field tech working out of the Ogden shop for 15 years.



Lori Harrington


 Lori joined UCA in May 2021 as Resource Coordination Manager.  Lori has been a litigation paralegal for over 25 years.  She has been assisting outside counsel for UCA in litigation matters for the past 10 years.  In 2014, Lori managed operations at a company in receivership for a couple of years.  She is excited to work in the world of public safety communications and use her abilities to assist in the management of the work to be done in remediation and radio network expansion.

Taylor Carroll



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Taylor Carroll has 8+ years of experience in Supply Chain between various industries. He is currently a Senior at Utah Valley University and is pursuing a BS in Technology Management. Taylor is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and is constantly looking for ways to eliminate waste and improve efficiencies within the supply chain. Outside of work Taylor is an avid Jazz fan and enjoys hiking, camping, and being outdoors with his family.



Curtis Benjamin

Curtis became interested in radio and electronics during high school in his home state of Michigan. He afterward obtained an Amateur Radio License, attended ITT Technical Institute for Electronics Engineering Technology and served as an Electronics Technician in the US Navy. After his term in the Navy, he worked for BF Goodrich Aerospace on aircraft collision warning products. Curtis then worked as a Radio Technician for the Michigan State Police and Michigan’s Public Safety Communications System for 20 years before moving to the beautiful state of Utah. He’s now happy to serve as one of the Radio Technicians for UCA.

Wayne Diamond

Wayne started in two-way radio communications right out of high school in 1981. He graduated from night school in electronics from Salt Lake Community College and passed his FCC general class license. He then worked for UCS Radio for 28 years and was in charge of Kennecott copper and several mines in Nevada’s radio system. Wayne then took a job at UCAN which is now UCA in 2010. Wayne has a total of 38 years of service in Radio and microwave. He loves the outdoors, exercising, and working on sites in the mountains.

Jeremy Drummond 

Coming Soon.

James Fresh

James Fresh a.k.a. Jim started his career in 2001 as an apprentice electrician working for a large electrical contractor. He completed the apprenticeship program and passed the Utah State Journeyman examination in 2008. Jim has been a part of many projects throughout the state of Utah including hospitals, office buildings, airports, schools, manufacturing facilities, warehouse buildings, and distribution centers. James has been in the electrical and electronics field since 1994 working in the 12-volt industry for the car audio industry. 

Tice Guymon

Tice works as a Field Tech fr UCA and enjoys working with the quality of co-workers that surround him.  He enjoys the outdoors and tower work.  

Omar Issa

Omar retired from UCA 2 years ago and came back because radios are what he knows and loves. He grew up in Richfield and has lived there most of his life.

Omar was fortunate to wear a couple of different hats in law enforcement and EMS, so he has been on the receiving end of the microphone many times and appreciates the importance of a solid communications system. He thinks it is an amazing time to be a part of UCA again with a new radio and 911 system coming online. He has been fascinated watching technology evolve and tear down geographical boundaries over his almost 30-year career.

He enjoys electronics and radios, not just as a profession, but also an active extra class amateur radio operator callsign N7IOD. He also enjoys ATVs (building, racing, and recreational), welding/fabrication, arrowhead making, 3D printing, fishing, and about anything outside. He has a dog and a cat.

Dakota Jackman 

Dakota is a technician for UCA out of Salt Lake. He is a graduate from USU with a bachelor’s degree. He’s an avid outdoorsman and enjoys what nature has to offer. He hopes to learn lots over the years from the great people at UCA.

Loren Lamoreaux

Loren enjoys working with radio and microwaves.

Mike Lindquist 

Mike’s radio experience started in junior high school when he bought a CB radio for $5.00 at the swap meet to talk to his friend who lived across town. He upgraded over the years and became interested in how the radio worked. By 12th grade he earned his amateur radio license, was making his own antennas, and repairing/modifying radios for his friends usually without schematics.

A couple years later Mike started working at a CB radio shop part-time while working at Standard Supply Electronics full time. He eventually moved on to Sound Warehouse doing sales and installation of automotive audio/video and security systems. With the birth of his first son coming he decided to look for a long-term career.

Mike applied for a position at the ITS radio shop doing equipment installation in UHP vehicles. A little over 6 years later he expanded his role to become a radar technician and then after a few more years, he became a radio technician.

ITS merged with UCAN in 2014 when he took a field tech position shortly after. He replaced a technician that was retiring and trained with him with a focus on the Motorola Gold Elite dispatch consoles.

He learned the detailed workings of the UCAN system over the next couple years working closely with one of the senior technicians that helped put the system together.

Sean O'Neill 

Sean is Utah born. He left for the military for 8 years and came back to Utah. He has now worked for the state for 14 years.

Trevor Pollock 

Trevor Pollock works for UCA as a Microwave/Radio Field Technician primarily covering the area of Southwest Utah. He has worked for UCA and the State of Utah for over 20 years working out of the radio shop in Cedar City. He has been responsible for the design, installation and maintenance of many of the radio sites in southwest Utah as well as the main point of contact for many the dispatch centers in the region. Prior to working for the State of Utah he worked for a private technology company, spent several years as a seasonal employee of the US Forest service doing wildland fire fighting and timber contracting, and graduated from college with a BS in Electronic Engineering and a BA in Spanish Literature.

Jeremy White

Jeremy started at a very young age (much to his parent's dismay) taking things apart to see how they worked, which developed into the love of fixing (any)things. In high school, he spent as much time in the metal welding, fabrication, and woodworking shops as the teachers would allow. Jeremy then went to Idaho State University and earned an Associate’s degree in Diesel mechanics, and Engine Power Generation. In 1993 he started fixing generators, engines, pressure washers, and motor homes professionally for Petersen Electric. He spent a short time with C.W. Silver repairing welders and generators and discovered that he would much rather use the welder to build something new, than to repair something broken. In 1995 he worked for EC Power Systems on large engine driven equipment and generators made by John Deere, Ford, and Kubota industrial engines. In 1999 he worked for Jeff Petersen Generator and 4x4 Service on the previously mentioned engines as well as vehicle modifications professionally now instead of just for a hobby.  Seeking financial stability, Jeremy started working for UCAN in 2005, doing all the things that he loves to do, as a career. He gets to learn new things, plus, fix everything that helps keep the “System” going.