National Emergency Communication Plan (NECP)

The NECP is the Nation’s roadmap to ensuring emergency communications interoperability at all levels of government and, is critical to the public safety community.

Using an iterative process, CISA engaged more than 3,500 public safety representatives from Federal, state, local, tribal, and territorial public safety agencies, non-governmental organizations, and other groups in revising the NECP. Lessons learned from real-world incidents, results from the 2018 SAFECOM Nationwide Survey and the 2018 Nationwide Communications Baseline Assessment, and input from our stakeholder groups were used to inform the Plan’s goals, objectives, and success indicators.

SAFECOM Chair Gerald Reardon noted that, “This truly is a plan developed by the public safety community for the public safety community. As we collectively move toward implementing its objectives, we will be a more prepared Nation.”

National Emergency Communications Plan (NECP)