Michael V

michael veenendaal


Red Line

Michael joined the Utah Communication Authority as the Interoperability Division Director in December of 2021. Raised in a Public Safety family, Michael has had the opportunity to see many aspects of public safety from different angles. Michael started his career in the summer of 2000 with the Utah Department of Public Safety. During his two decades in communications, Michael has had the opportunity to serve as a communications specialist, a supervisor, quality assurance/improvement, coordinator, manager and most recently as the Executive Director of Central Utah 911. Michael's service to public safety communications provided the opportunity to collaborate with federal, state and local leaders in public safety officials across the State of Utah. Michael holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and graduated with honors. Michael will continue to serve the community in expanding, educating, and improving interoperability for all users in the Utah Communication Network. He is committed to providing a continued strategic vision of interoperability with all government leaders across the region.